I focus mostly on plays and screenwriting, although I have a half-written short story around here somewhere…

A partial list of my scripts include:

(Not) The End of the World
Death Anxiety Caused by Moments of Boredom

The Dangerous Difference
Knocking Down Trees
Cha Cha Cha!
Turtleback High
Tantrum (The Wild Yonder, Too Blue!)
The Devil, the Witch, and the Blacksmith*
The Kookaburra
The Hotel Vinalba
 Allen Wrench 

You can also see some random other stuff at my Contently site.

Contact me if you’d like to read any of them or whatever.


“Writers get a nice break in one way, at least:
They can treat their mental illnesses every day.”
Kurt Vonnegut




*(co-written with Amy Canfield and adapted from a story by Nikolai Gogol.