Drunkenhood and Humblepie

Drunkenhood and Humblepie: A Broke, Single Man’s Cookbook (Recipe #13: “North African” Rice)

Alright, been a while. I moved and have been running around, not cooking so much, but we’re back. Tonight, I don’t have much in the house, so here’s what I gave a shot. I’m calling it “North African” Rice because, well, you’ll see. It’s vaguely rice-pilaf, vaguely couscous, and since I’m using cinnamon and honey, maybe a little bit, I dunno, Ethiopian?

3/4 Cupish whole grain brown rice
Chicken bouillon cube
Teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
Handful of raisins
Tablespoon of honey
Small clove of garlic
Pinches of sea salt, cinnamon, black pepper

Throw it all in sauce pan, with a bunch of water (2 times deep covering the rice-ish). Boil until rice absorbs the water and is puffy, stirring frequently. (I had to add a little extra water at the end because the rice wasn’t cooked.

Do a little ‘makin’ rice’ song and dance. Tweet about that.

Let it cool, ‘puff it up’ and serve.

The Verdict:
Delish! The raisins are great. More next time. (Rice a little undercooked still because I’m lazy and don’t measure.)