Drunkenhood and Humblepie: A Broke, Single Man’s Cookbook (Recipe #11: Burnt Onion Thai Tuna Linguine)

The moderate success of last night’s recipe emboldened me. Also, I’m a bit hyper from the warm weather and the new adventure of finding a place to live (Roomie’s moving out, so I’ve started the hunt today)

Next time I go grocery shopping, I’ll buy some different stuff. (Lotsa pasta!) This kind of a variation on Recipe #9. Or is it a cross between #9 and #10?

Burnt Onion Thai Tuna Linguine

1. Dice up half an onion into cubes.
2. Sautee over med-high heat in light olive oil. I left them in too long and too high so they got a dark dark brown and a little burnt.
3. Drizzle in a bit of honey and mix it in.
4. Add a can of rinsed white albacore tuna. (I saw yesterday online a recipe by Giadia De Laurentis –AFTER I made it, I didn’t cheat!– and she suggested using tuna packed in oil, which makes a lot of sense. I noticed the tuna popping a lot last night, presumably because of the oil and water mixture.
5. Put on low heat and simmer for a bit while pasta water starts to boil to reheat last night’s leftover linguine.
6. Add 1 1/2 tablespoon of natural crunchy peanut butter, stir in until melty. (I added a bit of water because it was getting too dry.)
7. Add some spices (the usual suspects, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Sea Salt, Cinnamon).
8. Keep this on low for a bit while the water reduces out. It’s turning into a nice looking (and smelling) sauce!
9. I made this one time with anchovies, too, which was good, but super super salty. Too salty, really. Tuna might work better. Maybe fewer anchovies. Salmon?
10. Toss linguine in a bowl with the sauce. This sauce is still a little wet, so it’s not much like the other peanut sauce I’ve made before. But it’s tossing nicely and doesn’t look so bad.

The Verdict:
Tasty. Quite different than last night’s. Milder, and creamier (honey and water?). A little milk or cream would’ve made it good, too. Reminds me of something you’d get at a Noodle Shop like Wagamama in London or Republic here in New York. (but a hell of a lot cheaper)


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