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Drunkenhood and Humblepie: A Broke, Single Man’s Cookbook (Recipe #7: Cheese McWhat?!)

We did a show tonight.

Ferns at Ella. It was pretty good. Not as big a draw as we thought, but some key peeps were there.

My parents were also there… WHAT?! That was weird, but I think they dug it… ish.

My dad was upset that I was drinking.

“Is this what you do every night? Go out to clubs and drink?”

“Well, not always.” I said. “And I don’t always drink that much.”

He seemed satisfied.

So I’m home now, a little wobbly.

1. I’ve just toasted an English muffin (of course those English bastards would make ‘muffins’ like that).
2. Toast it again because they were a touch soggy to begin with.
3. Melt a little butter in a skillet over medium heat. (The stove almost exploded! Maybe I need a new flint?!)
4. “Borrow” two slices of your roommates american cheese singles. (I think they were leftover from visiting friends last weekend).
5. Once the butter is melted and the ‘muffin’ is toasted, make a cheese sandwich and then fry that shit.
6. Make it melty.
7. Add some black pepper, cinnamone (yes!) and a bit of crushed red pepper.
8. Eat it!

The Verdict:

At the time this was published, the writer believed it would be totes macgotes amazeballs. The End.