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Drunkenhood and Humblepie: A Broke, Single Man’s Cookbook (Recipe #6: Potato-Cheese Soup)

Long day at work today. Pretty beat. Not entire sure what to do tonight…


Leftover, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese my roommate doesn’t want. (cooled off by now)
2 Red potatoes.
1 Onion.
Pancake Mix.

Recipe #6: Potato-Cheese Soup

Ok, I think I got it… some kind of french onion cheese-bisque soup thing. Here we go…

1. Put some water in a medium pot and bring to a boil. A little sea salt and olive oil.
1. Cut up 1 small onion on a dinner plate because you don’t have a cutting board.
2. Think it might be time to invest in a cutting board.
3. Put the onion over medium heat in a skillet with some olive oil, black pepper and parsley. Saute until caramelized a bit.
4. Once the water starts boiling, boil the two potatoes for a bit until soft.
5. Watch John Stewart make hilarious mince-meat of our current political system.
6. Once the potatoes are sufficiently soft, cut into cubes and sauté for a bit with the onions. Add a drop or two of the Samuel Adams Beer I’m currently drinking, a teaspoon or two of honey, some of the boiling water, a bit more olive oil and a pinch or two of cinnamon (yes!)
7. Tweet.
8. Words with Friends.
9. Get startled when your roommate yells, “KEVIN, I THINK YOUR WATER’S BOILING.” in a very nonchalant way because he’s got his headphones in and not because he’s actually yelling.
10. Cover with a cookie sheet, and cook it on low for a bit… the potatoes were still a little bit uncooked…
11. Words.
12. Put the whole mix (including the Mac ‘n’ Cheese) into the medium pot from before with the salt-potato water. Add a bit more black pepper and a touch of crushed red,
13. Add one tablespoon of the pancake mix.
14. Bring back to a low boil, cover and simmer until thickened like a bisque-like thing.
15. “Appreciate Bob Marley.”
16. Serve with the heel off a loaf of rye bread!

The Verdict:

Pretty damn good! Pasta is a little too soft, so there’s that, and I could’ve made it thicker with maybe some cream or some other thickener (I forget what else to use). Anyway, the cinnamon and red pepper give it a nice spice. Next time though, I should add something to make it thicker… more cheese?


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