Drunkenhood and Humblepie: A Broke, Single Man’s Cookbook (Recipe #3: Not Coffee)

Alright, so I’ve been drying that damn stuffing all day. It’s almost dry.

The main thing is that I don’t want it to get moldy, thus I’m making sure it’s super dry before I try to store it. I supposed I could freeze it at this point…

Anyway, here’s another little recipe I did today:

Recipe #3: Not Coffee

1. The old coffee grounds from your roommates previous made pot of drip coffee.
2. The contents of two packets of regular black tea.
3. A pinch of cinnamon. (I think I’m getting addicted).
4. Tablespoon of brown granulated sugar.
5. A teaspoon of fake creamer your roommate bought by mistake but doesn’t like.
6. Some really nitpicky and annoying HTML work for your day job.
7. A bit of Portishead and/or Willie Nelson.
8. Put all that crap into a small sauce pan (save the Portishead and Nelson. I’d like to see you try putting some HTML into a pot of coffee.*) with some water, boil the crap out of it, then serve.
9. When you’re done, put those leftover grounds in the dirt for your jade plant on the windowsill.

It tastes a bit like warm water from a rusty pipe.

*This is where your annoying friend who’s optimistically obsessed with the Singularity’s potential tells you, "You know, on day, yes, you’ll be able to download a cup of coffee." This is where you smack him with a rolled up copy of Patrick Stewart’s headshot.


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